The Intriguing Path of Comet Ison


AAs you are probably aware, a very bright comet is due to pass through the skies this year. I decided to check out its path, and what I found was intriguing. It caused me to wonder if this is yet another heavenly sign that God is sending us, relating to the time of the End.

The path that this comet is taking, the constellations through which it will pass, as well as other events along the way, all seem to speak of a remarkable story that Comet ISON is telling.

Brightest Comet Ever?

Named after the International Scientific Optical Network, Comet ISON — officially designated C/2012 S1 (ISON) — has the potential to be the most spectacular comet of the century. But it could also prove to be a dud. A critical moment will be perihelion passage, when the comet comes closest to the sun.

On Nov. 28, 2013, the head of the comet passes 800,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) above the sun's surface. This is closer to the sun's surface than the sun's own diameter. [Will Comet ISON Sizzle or Fizzle? (Video)]

If it survives its close brush with the sun without breaking up, Comet ISON will make a hairpin turn past the sun, whipping around onto the outbound leg of its orbit. The comet could provide a spectacular display in Earth’s skies in November and December.

Astronomers have high hopes because Comet ISON seems to be a new comet fresh from the Oort cloud, a zone of deep-frozen objects orbiting in the dark outlands of our solar system. The most optimistic prediction is that Comet ISON could rival the Great Comet of 1680. [Photos of Comet ISON]

Newton's Comet

Excerpt from The Dutch and Quaker Colonies in America, by John Fiske, 1903 Edition, Vol II, at page 59

1680 cometLate in the autumn of 1680 .... An enormous comet, perhaps the most magnificent one on record, suddenly made its appearance. At first it was tailless and dim, like a nebulous cloud, but at the end of a week the tail began to show itself and in a second week had attained a length of 30 degrees; in the third week it extended to 70 degrees, while the whole mass was growing brighter. After five weeks it seemed to be absorbed into the intense glare of the sun, but in four days more it reappeared like a blazing sun itself in the throes of some giant convulsion and threw out a tail in the opposite direction as far as the whole distance between the sun and the earth.
Sir Isaac Newton, who was then at work upon the mighty problems soon to be published to the world in his "Principia," welcomed this strange visitor as affording him a beautiful instance for testing the truth of his new theory of gravitation. But most people throughout the civilized world, the learned as well as the multitude, feared that the end of all things was at hand. Every church in Europe, from the grandest cathedral to the humblest chapel, resounded with supplications, and in the province of New York a day of fasting and humiliation was appointed, in order that the wrath of God might be assuaged.

Comet Predictions Gone Wild

At the time of what seems to be an identical comet, there were prophecies and predictions of all kinds, including the Apocalypse. Take a look at two pages from the book "Signs of the Times" for an interesting account of what happened following the appearance of several comets in the 17th century - and we cannot completely rule out that these were indeed sent as signs to the world.

comet book text 1 comet book text 2


Brighter Than The Moon?

Comet ISON has been the focus of much anticipation among scientists and stargazers because of its potential to put on a spectacular display in late November, when it makes its closest approach to the sun. Some forecasts predict the comet could shine brighter than the full moon. Already, by mid-January 2013, the comet's tail was more than 40,000 miles (64,400 km).

Disappointingly, although this comet is indeed spectacular and notable, we won't actually be able to SEE it from earth as "bright as the moon" because it will be out-shone by the sun at that time.

Comet's Path

At the moment (March 20th), ISON is lurking in the constellation Gemini and will stay there until July at which time it slowly moves towards Cancer the Crab.

However, it's from October onwards that things get really interesting.

In this diagram you'll see the comet passing through Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and then springing out to return almost the way it came.

Path of ISON

Here is a short VIDEO of ISON taking its route through the constellations so please follow the text along with that video. I strongly suggest that you watch this video in HD 1080 Full Screen. Watch the red cross to see the path of Comet ISON. Don't be misled by the moon hurtling past!

(1) Mid October, ISON is closely aligned with MARS and also the brightest star in LEO, Regulus. Naturally we think of Judah the Lion when we see Leo, and the star Regulus is the "heart of the lion". Mars being the red planet associated with war and violence, we might perhaps anticipate this conjunction being a sign in the heavens relating to an attack on Israel.

comet in leoHere is an illustration of the conjunction on October 18th, when there will also be a minor Lunar eclipse!

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of October 18: A relatively deep penumbral eclipse which should be easily visible to the naked eye as a dusky shading in the southern half of the Moon. Eastern Canada will see the entire event while the rest of Canada and the USA will see moonrise with the eclipse already in progress. Observers in Europe and Africa will also see the entire event, while eastern Asia misses the end because of moonset.

(2) Next, on November 17/18th the comet joins with the star Spica, which is 'The Branch' (Jer 23:5-6) held in the hand of Virgo. Again, this star is a notable one, named using the exact Hebrew word used in the Bible for Jesus "The Branch". He is also "The Seed of the Woman".

(3) On the 24th November, the comet will be clustered with Saturn and Mercury in the constellation Libra, the Scales. The constellation and all its stars speak of a "weighing" - weighed in the balances and found wanting - reinforced by the fact that in more ancient times this sign was a sacrificial altar!

comet 28 november(4) By 27/28th November when Israel celebrates Hanukah, the comet reaches the sun - it is now at the moment of greatest peril and may not survive!

Hanukah is also known as the Festival of LIGHTS and Feast of Dedication. It is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BC. Just as the dedication lamps are lit, the comet shines at its brightest, and is clutched in the claws of SCORPIO.

Scorpio's Hebrew name is AKRAB, the Conflict or WAR. The Coptic name is Isidis "the attack of the enemy".

This is the critical point of the comet's journey! As you see from the photo, it has been grasped by Scorpio - will it escape and live to travel on, or be burnt up as it swings past the sun?

comet in scorpio

(5) November 29th: Comet ISON will have whipped around the Sun, grazing it in astronomical terms. Astronomers amateur and professional, all around the world, will be sitting at their computers, waiting for updates, waiting to hear if the comet survived its passage. It might not. It might break apart into pieces, leaving a cloud of rubble and ice to fly away from the Sun. That might not actually be a disaster. If the comet nucleus breaks up, it might release a huge amount of dust, which would then blow out away from the Sun to form a stunning tail, like West’s or McNaught’s.

At this time it may be possible to see the comet in the daytime. But ISON will be too close to the Sun to appreciate and you will only be able to see it by blocking out the Sun, with a building or your hand.

(6) Christmas: the comet could be called the New Christmas Star (and possibly used by some to predict a "new messiah".) Although it will have passed its peak, it will still be seen in the sky as this illustration suggests:

xmas eve comet

(6) If the comet survives, it seems to springs out of the clutch of Scorpio and heads off to freedom. It slowly exits, and ends up in the breast of the Shepherd, Auriga.

Perilous Journey

The path of this comet seems to describe a perilous journey, culminating in intense danger from which it suddenly and inexplicably 'escapes', only to end up in the safe haven of the heart of the Shepherd (having disappeared from our earthly view months before, in late January.)

Other Events in 2013

There will be other alignments and events in the sky during 2013.

I discovered one "by accident" while running the path of Comet ISON through my sky program.

This is a Planetary Alignment May 25-26, 2013 coinciding with Passover/Easter which happen to be about the same time this year. (Passover is March 25-April 2).

We are told that "Two very strong Planetary Alignments (Pluto-Sun-Venus), supported by (Jupiter-Mercury--Earth-Moon) fall during this time-frame."

VIDEO: Here is a short video of the sequence of events from today, March 20th 2013 to the end of Passover, April 2nd.



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